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Static Strength Testing

For static strength testing, a tensile test system is available with which, among other things, tensile strength tests can be carried out on seat and belt anchorages of vehicle seats in accordance with the guidelines UN-R 14, 97/24/EC, UN-R145, UN-R107, DIN 75078, FMVSS 207, FMVSS 210, 2018/858/EC of the railway regulation UIC 566, ADR 34 and others.

The system has 8 pneumatic test cylinders that can apply tensile or compressive forces.

The force curve is freely selectable (up to the maximum limit).

The minimum force rise time for the nominal force is 0.5 seconds.

The maximum travel of the train cylinders is 1000 mm.

The clamping field for holding the test specimens has an area of 3 m x 4 m.

By default, the force-time curve is recorded during the experiments.

The measurement of the deformation path and thus the representation of a force-displacement diagram is another option.

The test procedure is recorded with an and the deformation limits are optically analyzed.

The test results with photos are summarized in a test report.