• Josef Vogel founds a bus company in rural Stupferich. He completely built the first bus (Magirus) himself. For the time being, Josef Vogel worked in commuter traffic.

  • Vogel designs and builds its own seat frames, which Gottlieb Auwärter incorporates into Vogel’s own Neoplan.​When other customers wanted to see these “new” seats at Neoplan and also wanted them, the cornerstone of the Vogelsitze company was laid.

  • Ignaz Vogel and his wife Elisabeth found Vogelsitze.​The first customer is the Gottlob Auwärter company.

  • Modular system with extruded aluminum profiles is patented.​After the patent expires, it is adopted by ALL competitors and is still the general standard today.

  • Restructuring of Vogelsitz​e
  • Use of the first synergies to reduce costs​
  • Installation of a fully automated production line

  • Founding of Vogelsitze Turkey in order to be able to survive in the very price-sensitive industry in the future

Continuation of the restructuring process:​

–   Product portfolio is adjusted​

  • New development of the new MAGNIO coach seat started together with a well-known OEM
  • New development of the city bus seats System 300, Arondo Seating System

  • Start of the SAP S4 Hana project