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Vibration Testing (Shaker Test)

We offer in our testing center testing service of vibration test, with high-quality equipment, simulation of endurance testing of the seats.

We test with the methods to be used for verification.

Dynamics are crucial to identify any potential defects that might lead to the endangering of road traffic safety.

Our Hexapod propulsion shaker test system test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications.

In the laboratory, with the aid of vibration testing system, simulationsof reproduction of sinusoidal, random, resonant search and dwell, classic shock and road models, etc. can be achieved.

It is essential for product quality assurance, new product research and development are ideally suitable for the inspection task on account of the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) mobility in all directions plus rotations around all axles.

The most important test steps according to the standard involve measuring the rigidity characteristics as well as simulation the dynamic loads as a lifetime test.

Our Hexamove control automates these test functions.

One particular strength is that path and force control can be mixed in the various degrees of freedom.

For instance, the test bench controls the simulated load as a force control while horizontal translations or rotations are controlled as path and angle.

The coordinate system can be transferred freely to the test speciment as required, with the result that rotations also refer to the reference points.