Intercity Transport



Primus can be equipped with 2- and 3-point safety belts.

Optional seat back panels provide best protection for the upholstery parts.

As an intercity seat Primus responds to all requirements of this class.

The seat width 420 mm enables seat arrangements from minibus to intercity buses.

Modularity, variety and rigidity make Primus the ideal intercity bus seat. Primus is an allround seat for midibuses, also available as guide seat.

Strada | Single Seat (M1)


The Single Seat for all current Mini Buses

Tests on the stability of the fi xing points for the seatbelts in accordance with ECE R 16 and 76/115/EEC for M1 class vehicles.

Tests on seats, their fi xings and headrests in accordance with 74/408/EEC for M1 class vehicles.

Isofix approved according ECE R 14 for M1 class vehicles.