We have established ourselves a name in the bus and railway industry over the last 60 years, a name which is an obligation and a challenge at the same time and a name on which our customers are always making more demands. They not only want a perfect product, but they also want problem-solving, experience, reliability, a business relationship based on trust, and proximity. We offer this complete package -either directly through our own companies or through one of our cooperation partners in the respective markets.

Our international orientation through partner companies began over 35 years ago and we have continually adapted this structure to the changing economic conditions of the individual markets. We will also continue to build on these cooperation’s in the future. Our partners bring their own knowledge of their markets and their own experience into the cooperation – to the benefit of all involved and to the benefit of our customers.

The Vogelsitze® name stands for quality, product innovation, comfort, safety and reliable service. Partners and customers in their relevant markets can benefit from all of these.

Our partner companies produce and distribute Vogelsitze® products in their markets, using the Vogelsitze® name, the technical and commercial know-how, the proprietary rights, inspections, and accreditations. 

Together with our partners, we act as an international VOGELSITZE family – always there where the customer needs us!

Our headquarters in Karlsruhe is the centre of excellence for development and marketing for all our partners and factories.