Data Protection Notice (Privacy Policy)

Data protection notice of Vogelsitze GmbH

1. Vogelsitze respects your privacy

Vogelsitze GmbH (“Vogelsitze” or “we”) created this Privacy Information in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your privacy as it relates to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data on (“Website”). We process personal data that was gathered during your visit of our Online Offers confidentially and only in accordance with statutory regulations.

2. Data Controller

Vogelsitze GmbH

Kleinsteinbacher Str. 44

76228 Karlsruhe, Germany


Tel: +49 721 47020

3. Collection, processing, and usage of personal data

Personal Data are any information that can personally identify you, like your name, email address, mailing address, or IP-address.

Processing based on legitimate interest of Vogelsitze for purpose of self-monitoring, ensuring the integrity and security of personal data, as well as to guarantee the technical functionalities of the Website:

When you visit the Website, Vogelsitze stores certain information about:

Communication data (e.g. name, telephone number, e-mail address, address, IP address) are processed.

4. Data Transfer

Principally, your personal data is forwarded to other controllers only if required for the fulfillment of a contractual obligation, or if we ourselves, or a third party, have a legitimate interest in the data transfer, or if you have given your consent  In all cases, Vogelsitze complies with applicable legal requirements providing an adequate level of data protection regardless of where the data are transferred to or accessed. Vogelsitze also ensures that the processing is in accordance with applicable data protection laws. With respect to such transfers from the EU/EEA to the United States and other non-EU/EEA jurisdictions, that provide no adequate level of data protection, Vogelsitze implements standard contractual clauses to ensure an adequate level of data protection.

5. Social Media

Vogelsitze is represented on the following Social Media providers: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter (“Social Media Sites”).  Vogelsitze does not use any Social Media Plugins on this Website. YouTube videos are embedded throughout the site and statistics are transmitted back to Vogelsitze. If you click on such a link to Social Media Sites, your data will be transferred to the respective provider to the extent required (e.g.: indicating that you have arrived at the Social Media site through the Website and, if applicable, further information that you have already provided on the Websites for this purpose).

If you visit the Website, the Internet browser will not automatically establish a connection to the server to YouTube.

By clicking on the Social Media Site buttons or embedded videos, you give your consent to communication with the Social Media Sites. By clicking on Social Media buttons or the embedded videos, you will be automatically forwarded to the Social Media Site operator and cookies may be placed on your device.

If you are logged into the Social Media Site while visiting our Website, the transmitted data will be associated with your user account. If you wish to prevent a network from linking information with your user account in this manner, please log out from the respective network before clicking on the respective Social Media Site.

Even if you are not registered as a member of the Social Media Site, or you are currently not logged in, your data may be stored by the operator of the Social Media Site after you click on the respective video. We have no influence on the placement of third-party cookies and over the scope and content of the data collected by the aforementioned website or on how that data is used. For more information, please read the privacy policies of the aforementioned website.

Data Privacy Information for Social Media Providers:



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6. Usage of cookies

In the context of our online service, cookies and tracking mechanisms may be used. Cookies are small text files that may be stored on your device when visiting our online service. Tracking is possible using different technologies. In particular, we process information using pixel technology and/or during log file analysis.

7. Security

Our employees providing services on our behalf, are obliged to confidentiality and to compliance with the applicable data protection laws. We take all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure an appropriate level of security and to protect your data that are administrated by us especially from the risks of unintended or unlawful destruction, manipulation, loss, change, or unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access. Our security measures are, pursuant to technological progress, constantly being improved.

8. Storage duration

When your personal information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was initially collected or in accordance with other statutory requirements, the information will be destroyed. Your IP address and the name of your internet service provider, which we only store for security reasons, will be deleted after seven days. Otherwise, we delete your personal data as soon as the purpose for which we have collected and processed the data ceases to apply. Beyond this point in time, data is only stored if this is required by the laws, regulations or other legal provisions of the European Union or of a member state of the European Union to which we are subject.

9. Your Rights

You have the right to obtain information, correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of your stored data at any time.  You also have the right to object to the processing and a right to data portability in accordance with the requirements of applicable data privacy laws, which you can address to the email address provided above. Furthermore, you have the right to withdraw any consent you may have provided. If you believe that the processing of your personal data violates legal requirements, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, if available.