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Crash Testing

Vogelsitze is the only commercial vehicle passenger seat supplier with dedicated resources for crash testing in sled tests. Driving dynamics tests meet all regulations, standards and manufacturers’ guidelines.

All potential safety gaps are made clearly visible from our detailed crash tests.

Crash Tests for Vehicle Manufacturers being approved within the EU and in most other countries of the world must submit to various crash scenarios and fulfill certain safety criteria. Here, measurement data as well as image and video material are recorded and studied.

We carry out dynamic impact investigations, with servo-hydraulic sled system for non-destructive testing of vehicle components such as seats, safety belts, child seats or airbags.

The crash conditions of real vehicles can be simulated or the deceleration profiles specified in test regulations for seat tests (ECE- R80, ECE- R17, FAR 25.562 aircraft seat tests), for Child seat tests (ECE R44, ECE R129, FMVSS 213), seat belt tests (ECE R16, AK-LV106, FMVSS 208) ) can be tracked.

The behaviour of vehicle components (seating systems, dividing grilles, coolers, etc.) and the safety-relevant interior fittings (airbag, belt systems, fittings, etc.) can be investigated. In a seat crash test, impacts can be performed up to a velocity of 80 km/h.

Our crash testing specialists with decades of experience carry out tests for component approval or homologation crash tests on behalf of authorities and vehicle manufacturers.

We carry out with various recognized technical services.

Sled crash tests are supervised from a control room using a fully computerized crash control system – and customers can view the crash testing from a well-equipped observation room.