System 300


A most modern local public transport seat offering perfect seating comfort.

System 300 with its range of accessories complies with all requirements of a seat of its class. of top quality and a premium design give the seat it’s unmistakable appearance.

With its light, modular, aluminium construction, the recessed cushion sections with the trim‐o‐fix quickchange cover system, the easily accessible parts without any everything speaks for its practical
construction ‐ resulting in practical use

Due to the ergonomic styling and the very thin backrest the seat system 300 features a maximum leg room for passengers, nevertheless the seat provides a high level of comfort.

Versions: System 300 seat is available in different levels of comfort, with seat widths of 420 mm and 450 mm at each level.
Back‐to‐back, double or single seat, with or without upholstered pads for cushion and / or seatback.


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